Supervision and clinical reasoning Sensory Integration

Advance your clinical reasoning skills in Sensory Integration

Immerse yourself in online supervision sessions created specifically for therapists certified in Ayres Sensory Integration and professionals who work alongside people with neurodevelopmental differences

What you will find:

Schedules tailored for you

    We will adapt the timetable to your needs, guaranteeing absolute flexibility to accompany you on your professional growth path

    Support for the development of your clinical reasoning

      You will acquire advanced tools to refine your clinical reasoning based on sensory integration, integrating DDDM (Data Driven Decision Making) to improve the effectiveness of your clinical practice. This evidence-based approach represents a step forward in your professional growth, offering a robust decision-making basis that reflects neuroscience knowledge

      Resources to focus your sensorial vision of the person

        You will recognize the foundations of sensorineural functioning in the person's behaviors, acquiring key skills to understand and support the people taken care of, learning to give practical advice on how to implement the principles of sensory integration even in the person's significant contexts, and much more!

        Beyond the introduction and basic knowledge

          For professionals who intend to go beyond the introduction to sensory integration, we will offer an advanced experience, exploring in detail the development of sensory vision but also enthusiastically analyzing the sensorimotor affordances of the objects in their clinical space in order to learn to calibrate the right challenge while respecting the person's individuality

          Ready for this Your next step?

          Contact us to define an initial appointment together and personalize your path, discovering how we can enrich your clinical practice through individual meetings to share the vision of sensory integration

          What are your training needs?

          Advanced training

          1:1 supervision

          Clinical Reasoning in Sensory Integration

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          Introductory training

          Online course

          6 hour online training course

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          introduction course

          Sensory Integration Course

          16-hour on-site introduction course to learn the principles of Sensory Integration

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