Introductory online course - 6 hours

Discover the world of Sensory Integration

Designed for a team of professionals who dedicate their clinical practice to the rehabilitation of people with diagnoses such as autism, ADHD, specific learning disorders, dyspraxia. This course offers a global overview of the theory and practical applications of sensory integration according to the principles of Dr AJAyres.

What you will find:

Introduction to the theory of Sensory Integration

Immersion in the key concepts of Sensory Integration theory, exploring the fundamental role of the processing of sensations for the development of the person and therefore for his ability to participate in significant activities of daily life

Sensory Functions and Dysfunctions in Brief

An overview of the different functions and dysfunctions linked to Sensory Integration, with a practical focus on how to recognize them in the behaviors of the people assisted

Practical Observation Grid

Information on how to evaluate Sensory Integration functions. Sharing a clinical observation grid, with practical examples to develop the ability to identify warning signs related to hidden sensory integration challenges

Essential Application Principles

Exploration of practical principles to understand how to implement sensory integration theory into your daily life, providing practical and applicable advice

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This introductory course is designed to offer a global vision, providing a solid foundation for further study. Contact us to customize the professional team's path to create a common language based on the sensorial vision of the person's behavior

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Clinical Reasoning in Sensory Integration

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Introductory training

Online course

6 hour online training course

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introduction course

Sensory Integration Course

16-hour on-site introduction course to learn the principles of Sensory Integration

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