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Sensory Tunnel

Sensory Tunnel

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The Sensory Tunnel is a device designed to offer a rich and stimulating sensory experience, particularly suitable for children seeking deep tactile stimulation. The walls of the tunnel are made of a soft and deformable material, filled with a special polystyrene grain that amplifies the tactile sensation when passing through the tunnel.

Squeezing through this tunnel not only provides a variety of deep tactile stimuli but is also a fun and engaging activity. The inherent challenge of traversing the tunnel adds an element of growth and stimulates motor coordination and body awareness.

The unique properties of the sensory tunnel also allow for varied use. Thanks to its flexible structure, the tunnel can be transformed into a traditional pouf, offering the possibility of sitting, lying or rolling on it. This versatility allows different modes of interaction, adapting to the user's preferences and needs.

Made of high quality materials, the tunnel provides comfort and safety during use. The combination of deep sensory stimulation and fun makes it a valuable tool for sensory integration therapy, promoting motor and sensory development in an engaging and playful way.

Product images are purely indicative; color shades may vary. The standard color of the product is avocado green, scarlet red and anthracite grey. The price indicated refers exclusively to the "Sensory Tunnel - SI420". For more information, see the instruction sheet.
The “Sensory Tunnel - SI420” is a medical device compliant with the Medical Devices Law of 20 May 2010 and EU standards, as specified in the declaration of conformity on the packaging label.

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