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My Sensory Integration Tool



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The Trapeze is a multifunctional tool that allows a variety of exercises in flexion positions, providing targeted stimulation for the proprioceptive system. This tool proves invaluable in introducing new challenges to bilateral motor coordination, improving balance and refining hand-eye coordination. Furthermore, it facilitates postural control, involving both the flexors and extensors, thus helping to fully stimulate the nervous system through the intense activation of the receptors of the vestibular and proprioceptive systems.

Its versatility makes it an ideal complement for therapeutic sessions, offering a wide range of applications aimed at promoting the optimal development of motor and sensory skills.

Technical data: height 60 cm, maximum load 90 kg

Product images are purely indicative; color shades may vary. The standard color of the product is natural wood color and the ropes are anthracite grey. The indicated price refers exclusively to the “Trapezio-SI116”. For more information, see the instruction sheet.
The “Trapeze SI116” is a medical device that complies with the Medical Devices Act of May 20, 2010 and EU standards, as specified in the declaration of conformity on the packaging label.

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