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My Sensory Integration Tool

Large Wooden Ramp

Large Wooden Ramp

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The Large Wooden Ramp is a versatile and dynamic device designed to offer a complete sensory experience and support individual motor development. Made up of two components, a platform and a ramp, this structure can be assembled easily and quickly.

The platform and ramp are equipped with handrails which not only guarantee protection during the descent, but also allow the person to ascend independently, promoting confidence and independence. On the back of the platform, there are special holes that facilitate access, contributing to a full motor experience.

Furthermore, the platform opens to offer a practical space for storing various objects, making the structure even more functional. Thanks to its generous dimensions, the Large Wooden Ramp is ideal for spacious environments and is particularly recommended for activities with older children.

This tool is designed to facilitate postural reactions, with a focus on balance reactions and static and anticipatory postural control. When used in combination with a rolling tablet, it intensely stimulates the linear motion receptors of the vestibular system. The Large Wooden Ramp is particularly useful for promoting body activation in extension, strengthening the extensor muscles, and for improving motor planning and postural-ocular control.

Technical data: height 50 cm x width 74 cm x total length 255 cm

Product images are purely indicative; color shades may vary. The standard color of the product is natural wood with a design engraved on the wall of the platform. The indicated price refers to "Large Wooden Ramp - SI340". For more information, see the instruction sheet.
The "Rampa Legno Grande - SI340" is a medical device compliant with the Medical Devices Law of 20 May 2010 and EU standards, as specified in the declaration of conformity on the packaging label.

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