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Folding Mattress

Folding Mattress

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The Folding Mattress is a versatile solution for games and moments of comfort. Its main feature is the ability to fold into three parts, offering multiple play options and facilitating repositioning. This flexibility makes it ideal for therapeutic activities and moments of relaxation.

With one side in eco-leather and the other in soft fabric, the Folding Mattress offers a double sensorial experience. The faux leather surface is energetic and smooth to the touch, while the soft fabric side is comforting and calming. This duality allows for customization of the experience based on preferences or therapeutic goals.

The foldable structure allows different configurations for games, balance exercises or moments of rest. The ease of repositioning makes it suitable for various contexts, such as game rooms, therapy rooms or educational environments.

Furthermore, the high-density internal foam of the Folding Mattress provides a stable and safe solution under structures such as swings, attenuating impacts. Its sturdy structure minimizes the impact of falls or movements, helping to create a safe and comfortable environment. The versatility of this mattress extends to offering not only different sensory experiences, but also an element of safety in recreational or therapeutic contexts.

Technical data : length 200cm, width 90cm, depth 5cm

Product images are purely indicative; color shades may vary. The standard color of the product is light grey, anthracite gray and lawyer green. The price indicated refers exclusively to the "Folding Mattress - gp10117". For more information, see the instruction sheet.
The “Folding Mattress - gp10117” is a medical device compliant with the Medical Devices Law of 20 May 2010 and EU standards, as specified in the declaration of conformity on the packaging label.

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