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My Sensory Integration Tool

Suspended Pear Swing

Suspended Pear Swing

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The Suspended Pear Swing represents an extremely versatile tool, designed to promote sensory development and well-being in different ways. This multifunctional device not only serves as a seating pouf and punching bag, but also transforms into a soft hanging swing, providing a dynamic and comfortable movement experience.

The Pera Sospesa can be easily installed with one, two or three hooks, thus providing different suspension options. To allow optimal customization of the product, additional 100 cm extension cords are available and can be purchased separately.

This versatile tool is designed to stimulate a wide range of motor and sensory skills. Sessions with the Suspended Pear Swing demonstrate efficiency in shaping bilateral motor coordination, improving the balance of reactions, perfecting hand-eye coordination and promoting the integration of tonic reflexes.

Furthermore, the use of this equipment significantly contributes to enhancing postural control, promoting dynamic posture adjustments and better body control. Multisensory stimulation of the nervous system is encouraged through intense activation of the receptors of the vestibular and proprioceptive system.

Whether it is used to ensure comfort in the seat, release stress with the punching bag, or provide moments of suspended movement as a swing, the Suspended Pear Swing offers a unique opportunity to experience sensorially rich and complete activities in a fun and engaging way .

Product images are purely indicative; color shades may vary. The standard color of the product is avocado green, scarlet red, black trim and anthracite gray cords. The indicated price refers exclusively to the "Suspended Pear Swing-SI128". For more information, see the instruction sheet.
The "Suspended Pear Swing-SI128" is a medical device compliant with the Medical Devices Law of 20 May 2010 and EU standards, as specified in the declaration of conformity on the packaging label.

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