Mateusz Przyrowski and EMPIS - medical equipment manufacturers

Empis was formally born in 2006 thanks to the tireless commitment of Mateusz Przyrowski. However, the company's history has roots even before its founding, when it was already selling support packages developed by Father Zbigniew Przyrowski for therapists dedicated to sensory integration therapy.

Before the creation of Empis, there was a lack of professional equipment and small aids for IS therapy in Poland. Empis has filled this gap, developing and putting into production the first IS therapy devices, with professional technical documentation created in collaboration with the Copernicus Science Center. Each product is certified and registered as medical equipment, ensuring quality and safety.

Empis introduced the first weighted blankets or therapeutic vests in Poland, making them accessible to therapists and parents. The collaboration with the Association of Sensory Integration Therapists in Poland (PSTIS) has been close from the beginning, with training courses conducted using Empis equipment.

Empis' mission has gone beyond supporting therapists, extending to parents and non-specialist workers. They have promoted awareness of sensory integration therapy through television, radio and magazine appearances aimed not only at practitioners, but also at parents.

Today, Empis is a successful company selling educational and therapeutic equipment and services worldwide. His story is an example of dedication to innovation, quality and support of those involved in sensory integration therapy.

We are extremely pleased to say that Mateusz Przyrowski is a valuable partner in our mission to create and develop new tools for sensory integration therapy. The collaboration with Empis represents a unique opportunity to combine our expertise and resources, allowing us to further innovate in the field of neurorehabilitation. We share the same passion for excellence and dedication to improving the quality of life of those who benefit from sensory integration therapy. Together, we look to the future with enthusiasm, committed to carrying forward our common mission of developing increasingly effective tools for people's well-being.