Who we are

We are a WE

We are a community united in the common goal of exploring the extraordinary diversity of neurodiversity. Together, we discover how each of us expresses our uniqueness in processing the multiple sensations coming from our body and the surrounding environment

We are all TOOLS

AJ Ayres, in his chapter entitled ' The Art of Therapy ' in the 1972 book ' Sensory Integration and Learning Disorders ', argues:


"The child must independently organize his brain; the therapist can only create a conducive environment to stimulate motivation to do so. Creating this therapeutic environment requires advanced professional skills."


We are therefore the architects, facilitators of the right challenges, key tools of the social and physical environment that welcomes neurodivergent individuals in their therapeutic journey. Our clinical practice is designed to promote well-being and the development of skills that foster participation in meaningful activities in those we encounter, transforming us into agents that promote neuroplasticity.